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Reparaturanleitungen für Fahrzeuge der Marke Jeep.

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It blew fuse/ wont start

It blew a fuse, now it wont start.

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Which fuse? what jeep, what year, what engine, what transmission?


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I agree with OldTurkey03, we need more information to start diagnosing this problem. Which fuse in the fuse box was blown? For any automotive related issues, including the year, make, model, and engine size is always needed so that the correct repair information can be searched.


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General information will likely be answered in a general way.

Therefore, if you blew a fuse and it will not start, replace the blow fuse and it may start.

If you blow the same fuse again, you have a problem with a high amp draw from something.

Perhaps it is the starter motor. If the starter blows a fuse when you are attempting a crank, you can look to you connections. Working out from the starter motor, check all the nuts for tightness on the starter. Check terminal ends of wires for fraying or corrosion and cleanliness.

Move to the wires themselves. Perhaps they are frayed or there is a poor ground. Follow wires to ground and up to the battery.

Check the battery terminals for cleanliness and check all the major wires on the battery for fraying, corrosion and wear. Replace any wires that look like they need replacing. Clean the terminals with a wire brush or a battery terminal cleaner. Check the starter block for all the same symptoms.

If it cranks but will not start, that opens up a whole different set of problems.

Good luck, and let us know.


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I have a '92 Wrangler YJ, 2.5l 4cyl.. I just bought a new starter recently because of the same thing.. It left me stranded at the park but all of my lights and everything else worked. I just had oil in my starter but I fixed the leak. This time, it blew a 50 amp alt pwr.2 fuse and also the 10amp I.O.D fuse as well.. I replaced them, and now nothing comes on, not my lights or even my guages. I've tested my battery and its not dead. I tried crossing the poles on the starter to try to start it, it acted like it wanted to crank but it started making a sound like boiling water makes so I unhooked it from fear it'd catch fire. Any suggestions? I need help as soon as possible. Could it be my starter, solenoid, relays? Anything.

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