Repair guides and support for riding, or ride-on, mowers, also known as lawn tractors, of all types used in tending large tracts of land.

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I have a Quality & Farm mower & it wont start

My riding mower has been siting around for like a year & when we first got it the seller told us it had something wrong with the battery so he jump started it & I drove it around for a while. I dont know where to start. It'd be great if somebody told me step by step what to do.

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I got a new battery and i have universal keys for it and the seat sensor is out of place but how am i supposed to charge the battery ?


Charge the battery on a regular battery charger. When you say your seat sensor is out of place, did you fix it?


i cant find where it goes


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first, recharge the battery, if after charging the battery looses power there are a few things it might be, either the battery is worn and needs replacing, or there is an electrical fault that is draining the battery, remove the positive terminal from the battery and using a meter see it there is an amps pull when nothing is switched on, if there is this problem will need to be sorted, if the battery does'nt loose charge and there is no power drain it will be the alternator that is not recharging the battery during use.

the most likely fault is a dead battery, batterys should be recharged every 3 months or so when not being used, if you havn't used the mower in a year this is probably the fault

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