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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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Why Does My N64 Only Show Some Games On My TV?

Hi Guys.

I just brought out my Nintendo 64 today and found a problem.

Only some of my small collection of N64 Games worked.

The console (PAL) switches on and all the wires are good i also have an expasion pack in the console. My TV is a new Samsung HDTV.

The games that worked were:

Donkey Kong 64

Golden Eye

Diddy Kong Racing

The Games that didn't work:

Super Smash Bros

Mario Kart

Super Mario 64

I am not the most technical. Could those games be broken? Have i got a missing acessory?


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N64 games often refuse to work after accumulating even the tiniest bit of dust, which is especially likely after a period of storage.

Clean the contacts of the games that don't work by first removing any dust & dirt with an air compressor, and then cleaning the metal contacts with some Isopropyl alcohol (as close to 100% Isopropyl as you can get.)

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...and here is the guide for cleaning the slot. Start with that first.


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I had this problem as well with the same games not working! I made sure they were all immaculately clean and still no dice. BUT I FIGURED IT OUT! Basically, I noticed that it was mostly older games that weren’t working. I was hooking my n64 directly into my hdtv’s AV port. On a whim, I plugged an old dvd/vcr in to the AV port on the tv, and plugged my n64 into the dvd/vcr and PRESTO! GAMES WORKED! Not sure what the technical explaination for this is, but it has been foolproof! Good luck!

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Switch to another older TV and it worked great! Ty you all!!!!


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I guess the AV plug on 64 units are not compatible with on the newer TVs. Will need to use a older tv or some type of conversion will need to happen. I went through the whole process of cleaning the cartridges and cleaning the cartridge slot. Still only one game work When I switch to a older TV all the games worked. Kids are happy.

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