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Kam im Juni 2012 auf den Markt / Intel Quad-Core i7 Prozessor mit Turbo Boost / bis zu 1GB DDR 5 Video RAM

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What is the maximum RAM the MBP 15" Mid 2012 can use?

I have a 15" MacBook Pro that I received as a gift, but I need to upgrade the RAM (no retina display).

Apple Website says it only can use 8gb (2x4gb), but ifixit says 16(2x8gb). Has apple just not updated the page to reflect the new chips in the mid 2012 MBP?

Wouldn't be the first time they held a piece of info back for a little while. But I need to upgrade it and want to just max out the memory while ive got it apart.

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attempted to add the 16gb, memory was recognized, but system became unstable and would repeatedly crash.


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It will take 16GB... many of the "Max" RAM configurations are not "authorized" by Apple...

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