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Can my Mini Fry Power Supplies?

Mini went down in power outage, was plugged into surge protector. When power button in pushed, nothing happens, no sign of power. Tried on another power supply, same results. Disconnected a working Mini from a 3rd power supply and hooked that power supply to dead Mini, tried it and that power supply apparently fried, no longer will power up the working Mini. Is it possible for a dead Mini to fry a good power supply? ANy ideas what is causing the power supplies to go bad? Have tried resetting the SMC, etc. and all the trix I can find online but it appears this dead Mini can fry a good power supply.

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Yes the cheap surge protectors can fail. A damaged DC in board could short out magsafe voltage converters.

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Thanks for the info....looks like that's the issue.


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Really? Model A1176 did NOT use magsafe connector. When you have a mini with a short on the motherboard (presumed dead), the 18v 110W power supplies simply shut down internally. Simply disconnect it from the mini, unplug it from the wall, and it resets itself. It should then work fine in the other known good mini (assuming you are not mixing 85W and 110W power supplies).

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