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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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wi-fi having issues and not connecting

iPod keeps losing connection to the WiFi, even though other devices still are connected (in other words, it's not the router or modem). Sometimes it will still see the network but say it cannot connect, other times it cannot even see the network.

Is there a way to just replace the wireless chip on the iPod or does the entire motherboard have to be replaced?



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I don't know what Chip you guys think you can buy if it is a "Chip" as the wifi circuit is surface mounted to the main board. There is a separate wifi cable you can buy that has circuitry on one end but I do not think the cable can be installed without expensive surface mount equipment.

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Are you sure it's a chip problem?

It could be the firmware, try restoring it and upgrading to the last version.

The problem started when you bought it?

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no it is out of warranty and i have tried restoring it. is there some kind of wireless chip/card in the iPod or is it all right on the motherboard?


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I'm having the same problem and i've restored the iPod three times. No matter what i do i can't fix it. I'm pretty sure i need the chip but i want confirmation before i take it apart.

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Go under settings/general/reset/reset network settings. Sometimes that helps by clearing it and starting fresh. It will go to the apple then "restart" at which point try and connect again.

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