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Vierte iPhone Generation. Die Reparatur an sich ist unkompliziert, aber Frontglas und LCD müssen gemeinsam ersetzt werden. GSM mit 8, 16 oder 32 GB Kapazität, Modell A1332 in schwarz und weiß.

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What do about rice stuck in SIM card slot?

I noticed "Samantha" had a similar problem, but mine is slightly different. For me, the two pieces of rice aren't in the way of my sim tray at all because they actually found their way elsewhere inside of my phone. I didn't jam or cram them somewhere, they got stuck just by moving my phone.

Should I leave them in there if my sim tray fits? Or will this cause problems?

I also took the back cover off hoping to find them, but had no luck. Is it possible for them to have gotten under the logic board?

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It is not recommended that they stay in the phone. Even if the phone would work now, the rice could cause something to fault in the future. The best thing to do would be to take the phone to someone who knows what they are doing and allow them to take the phone completely apart in order to remove them completely and then you will have peace of mind that it is all working properly. That would be my recommendation.

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Thank you. As much as I don't want to spend the extra money doing so, I also feel this is the best thing for me to do. It's just unfortunate because I was so excited my phone turned back on (since it only had "water" damage from exercising) only to find those two measly pieces of rice in the SIM slot :(

Anyways, thanks again, Michael!


You're Welcome


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I would just not drop my phone in water so I wouldn’t have to put it in rice in the first place

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