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MacBook with Samsung display .

have to replace a broken Samsung screen to a MacBook. I have a LG or AUO screen .

I know the incompatibility of the LVDS cable.

Should I just use a cable for LVDS CHI MEI, LG or AUO, right?

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Replacing the video cable with one that has a different connector may be possible, but I'd be wary of doing such an experiment, unless it's just something you want to try out of curiosity, etc. The screens you have with different connectors may have different specs or power requirements, and may not work even if you do manage to get the plugs to match up.

You can get new 13" MacBook screens for $50 on eBay by searching for "MacBook screen" and sorting low-to-high cost, so in my view it's worth just getting one you know will work, and avoiding the experiment. Plus, you'll also be avoiding the need to open up the screen hinge to replace the cable, which is not an easy task.

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I live in Italy and the problem is that I find only AUO and LG in Europe. The Samsung is not selling anyone.

The shipment from the U.S. is too slow.


Apple uses a number of brands for its screens, so it doesn't have to be Samsung -- it just needs to have the right connectors and specs.


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