Trackpad, keyboard top case issues?

I am having a variety of trackpad/keyboard problems. All are working fine now, but I have had a variety of issues, erratically:

1. Trackpad and click bar go dead. Work again when re-started.

2. Computer starts to bong repeatedly as if tackpad were being held down. Clicking on it will not stop this condition. Have to force quit.

3. Trackpad works but clicking clickpad has no effect.

4. Usually no problem with keyboard, but one time when I tried to shutdown by clicking powerbutton and then hitting return to select the shutdown button, nothing happened as if the return key had no effect.

5. Both a wired and bluetooth mouse work fine.

Can someone suggest a diagnosis? I have seen suggestions on this site to replace cable, trackpad or keyboard for similar symptoms. Not sure if these items are modular on this computer or come as a single unit.

It is a Pennyn model A1260 Macbook Pro.

I have only seen them sold as a single unit.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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