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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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Won't synch entire library

When I plug Nano into computer, it only synchs 431 songs out of 1088. Settings says I have 5.0 GB available and the 1088 songs = 4.07 GB so I have room. I've tried resetting nano to factory settings....no help. Any advise?

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Does it sync a certain playlist? Or does it start to sync all of the songs and then stop in the middle?


It doesn't seem to be synching at all....I just get the same songs everytime I plug it in to synch. I had a book, The Hunger Games, in my music list. I have deleted the book off my computer and itunes library but it keeps showing in my nano after synching so that's why I'm thinking now it's not synching at all. Thanks for advise!


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I apologize in advance if you've already tried this or this isn't related, just trying to see if it'll help. I've had this happen to me before with my iPhone before and found that it was actually something wrong with iTunes. To fix the issue, I selected my phone in iTunes when connected, went to the Music tab, and selected the button "Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres". From there it listed the items in my iTunes library, and I could check different items if I want them synced. I did notice that upon switching to the "selected items" button, my voice memos from my phone weren't checked. I'm not sure if that's a default setting or not, but I vaguely remember having the issue earlier on when I had imported some music from Windows Media Player. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Dan! I connected my ipod, selected it and clicked on the "restore" link. It reset the nano to the factory settings; lost all my songs, but just resynched them and got them all in. Thanks for the help!....Sally


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