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What would cause severe battery corrosion on 2007 Dodge Caliber?

Alright... I was just doing my little weekend check up on our cars and noticed this severe amount of corrosion on my mom's Caliber. I've tried googling the problem but always comes up with "replace the battery" which we'd rather not do unless absolutely necessary. It's the stock battery that came with the car when she bought it new in 2007 and it's survived till now. There's nothing wrong with the car itself, it starts right up and the lights don't dim or anything, but this just seems like a crazy amount of corrosion.

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Overcharging has cause this problem pretty often in the shop.Usually tho its the positive side with this. Keep an eye on acid/water level til its fixed. JONBOY


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Skippy722.....One word. Electrolysis. :) In the case of a battery it is the two dissimilar metals (lead,copper and even the steel bolts) are caused to corrode... either by their mere presence, or by some 3rd party chemical.In this case, it is battery acid and the act of charging a battery. That is why most corrosion is found on the Negative battery post. The constant overcharging of the battery increase the corrosion. If you find that you have more corrosion on the Positive post, I bet your battery is being overcharged. Then there is also the Hydrogen gas which is admitted by the sulfuric compound inside of your car battery, and very little of this gas is actually vented to the outside, but it does escape near the battery post. So, add the acid and lead reaction to this as well. That is why the older batteries had a felt washer between the battery post and the battery, to trap those gases. Clean you battery with a water and baking soda solution and apply some grease to the posts. This will not prevent corrosion, but it should slow it down. Here is some great information about the whole process. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks oldturkey :) Well... it looks like it's being overcharged to me from those pictures. I'll clean it out the posts later with the baking soda and stuff.... should I disconnect the cables when I do it? She'll kill me if I mess up her radio presets or anything else in her car...


Yes, you will have to disconnect the battery clamps. Disconnect the negative one first. Sorry about the radio:-)


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Most Chrysler charging systems overcharge the battery which causes outgassing, which causes corrosion, which causes resistance at the connections, which causes a higher than normal charging voltage. Yes, it's built-in catch-22 situation.

Clean up the terminals and the connectors, treat them with baking soda & water and buy some of those chemical washers that go under the terminals. I have also seen people encase the terminals with grease, but that seems like a mess just waiting to happen.

BILL (former Dodge mechanic)

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Lovely... I'll let her know and go about this tomorrow. My Grand Caravan doesn't do anything like this, but then again it's on the original Mopar battery from 2004... and we've drained it completely twice and just drove it to recharge it. Gotta love Dodges :)


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