New model gives no clues regarding power

I'm repairing now a broken Airport Express, I've done this before, just like the entry in the iFixit blog post here, however, the model I'm repairing is rather different and there appear to be no guides for it on the web. The board says 2008, rather than 2004 on it, so that must be the change, the board is now blue and a lot are different. As you can see in the picture below, the issue here is that the wires in the lower right corner are all black- the previous model was color coded, and thus not difficult to repair with a little sense. However, as they are all black, there's pretty much no way to tell which wire is which- anyone have any ideas or has tackled this before? Do you think they're just in the same order as the other model? Or should I do trial and error?

(the image upload tool isn't working right now, so I'm hosting the image here)

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