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Apple's line of PowerBook laptops was intended for the professional and power users. The PowerBook line includes the PowerBook 100, Duo, 500, and 5300 Series; the PowerBook 1400, 2400, 3400; the PowerBook G3, G4 Titanium, and G4 Aluminum.

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Can I change my powerPC for a Intel processor?


I have a PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15', wich is a PowerPC. Is it possible to change my processor for an intel one, so I can instal Snow Leopard?

Thank you so much,


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Unfortunately, the processors are non-replaceable, and the logic boards are not compatible. Your best bet for Snow Leopard is to save for a new machine.

Sorry for the bad news!

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Agreed - Two vastly different architectures


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Not possible, you could buy a non-unibody MacBook Pro, they look a lot like the aluminum PowerBooks, if your attached to the look of the PBG4.

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