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Finding this response, after my wife's MacBook core duo did the same thing, and discovering the remedy recommended was to replace the whole top cover, I tried the lub fix.

I took out the battery and hard drive and got a can of WD40 with a straw nozzle.  Holding the computer upside down, front lowered and slanted away from the hard drive compartment, flushed the click from the back side with several busts under both sides of the click.   I wiped it down with paper towel,  cut 1/4" strips of paper and ran them back and forth under the click cover - again on the back side- until they came out dry.  Wife says works fine.

What do you have to loose?

Elkhorn 10/4/12

PS Site managers;  Would be helpful to have a component list with directive to whether replaceable and in which procedure one should look for instructions.  Wondered around a couple of hours and did not find out what to do about replacement  until finally I found this hint when I went to send in a question.  You helped me with screen replacement on this one and Keep up good work.