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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: loveartdesign ,


I just ran into the mute stuck problem with my mid 2010 MBP. What's funny is that the power comes back on and there IS sound, unles there is a different speaker for the start up chime. But anyway, my issue... Muted spound problem; No red light.

I looked at different solutions:

- insert something possibly (but w/o a red light I didn't want to try)

- Reset the SMC (it didn't help)

- Repeated in/out of head phones (didn't try but 3x's figured it would offer little success)

- FIND A FRIGGIN' REAL FIX through the keyboard command (which I found mentioned by chance some where else)

Now I have it.... IT'S SIMPLE These are the initial directiions...

power off >remove all peripherals > remove battery > hold down power button for 10 seconds > re-install battery> hold down APPLE/ALT/P/R hit power hold down for 4 cycles.

What I did for my MacBook Pro was only part of the directions...

power off >remove all peripherals > hold down power button for 10 seconds (once it chimed on) > immediately held down APPLE/ALT/P/R hit power hold down for 4 cycles.

When it came back to life everything worked great!

Hope this alternative works for those that still had the isue or it comes back again. Although for some people it could also be dust build up in your audio port hole. Use compressed air (but in the upright position of course to not freeze the inside of port damaging something)