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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: jtryan77 ,


The digitizer '''CAN''' most certainly be carefully removed from the frame and LED on the Sprint Galaxy SIII model. I run a repair shop and I was able to complete the repair by slowly and carefully heating with a heat gun and separating with a plastic pencil-type spudger. The adhesive used to fuse the digitizer and display in the SIII is much softer and more pliable than the adhesive used in iPhone (which I have never seen separated properly). The display on the SIII's is a very thin and very expensive OLED, so I proceeded with the greatest of caution, not knowing sure if it was possible, and also not having a spare display if something went wrong. When you order the replacement digitizer, upon receiving it looks wrong, as it is just the glass with no cables as you would find on a standard digitizer. But that is all you need, assuming that it is just the digitizer that is broken. I can not speak for models other than the dark-blue Sprint SIII. Also, I only did the one phone, so I can not say whether all Sprint SIII's are this cooperative, but I successfully completed that job. One other note: I only re-adhered the edges of the digitizer to the back to the phone, I DID NOT attempt to re-adhere the entire viewing portion of the digitizer back to the viewing portion of the LED; I could see no situation in which I would be able to pull that off and still have a clean viewing area. I have some pictures of the repair that I took during dissasembly to insure everything went back where it was supposed to, I can share those if anyone wants. Take your time, go twice as slow and three times as carefully as you want to, and this job can be completed.