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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Martin P ,


I've tried this myself on the Galaxy Nexus i9250.  Unless you have done something like this before you have 0% chance of this working out.

If you do then:

* Start at the top end near the speaker to lift the first bit up. This is by far the hardest part. Do not start at the bottom where the glass is the thinkest as you risk lifting off the gitizer (another layer of glass that sits between the surface glass and the LCD. 
* The top near the speaker is the thinnest part of the glass. Start at the edge.
* If you crack a bit off then I would still work my way down, I didn't and lifted most off the phone off before realising that I cracked the digitizer underneath
* Heat the surface slowly touching it with your fingers so it's not too hot otherwise you will burn the digitizer and it will go from black to baby shite green
* The glue is on the whole digitizer (the glass underneath the glass) so you need to slowly etch the top layer off - I would heat just the top bit until you get something undernearth to lift and then heat the whole thing

Good luck...