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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Hash Ish ,


I waterproofed mine almost two years ago, I took it apart and covered all the components with silicone aquarium sealant. Two years later, and it still works. Granted I don't use it all the time but lately I've been using it twice a week. I have no sealant or anything on the outside, just everything gooped up on the inside. Works great!

It takes a good hour and some patience to do this right, so I understand why the companies charge what they do. Also, removing the back of the shuffle is hard to do with out bending it, it can be done with no tools, just pull from the hinge side carefully. Make sure you seal around the round button assembly and move the switch back and forth a few times to ensure it works properly. Don't cover the electrical contacts on the buttons, cover around the headphone jack good, the ribbon  cable closure, the IC, and the battery terminal. Lastly, make sure you let the silicone out gas for at least a week in a temperature controlled environment, i.e. indoors not a garage. You'll need small tools and a magnifying glass and good light. The syringe is a great idea, I actually just used a cardboard stick (from a q-tip).