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My screen popped out a little bit. What do I do?


We were at a hotel and I, of course, brought my iPod Touch along to have something to do. I have an OtterBox case that protects my iPod, but I noticed there was a piece of dust or dirt beneath it, so I thought I'd take the OtterBox off to clean the screen. There is, as you may know, the rubber piece that goes around the plastic casing, and the actual case itself which has two pieces that go together around the iPod. When I was taking the top piece of the plastic casing off, it had somehow pulled the top-right hand corner up a little bit to where my iPod immediately shut off and when completely black. We'd tried fixing it, but the screen seems to not want to go back in its original spot. Anyone have an idea as to what to do to fix it?


iPod Touch 4th Generation