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I changed the LCD on an A1369. Below are the highlights:

1. The screen is replaceable; but hard to find and expensive. I found one on aliexpress.com f(like ebay) for $150 was scared purchasing but it came just fine and I now like Aliexpress.

2. The LCD comes only as a glass without any screws or metal frame to screw it in the lid. It has to be taped back.

3. Backlight is fixed on the screen and diffuser papers/plexi glass sheets have to be used from the original macbook; the original owner threw them away. So, I had to buy a broken lid with screen so I can use it from there for $40.

4. You have to be careful touching the diffusers and sheet as fingerprints there will show when you have assembled the screen.

5. You need to make sure that you remove the bazel carefully; it is affixed using a double sided tape; I didn't use a heatgun but used thinner plastic cards (thinner than credit cards) to remove the bezel. I started from right bottom of the screen where I used a thin screw driver to lift the bezel and then used the card to slide it up and around the three sides; bottom you have to do it only about 1 inch on each side and then lift it simultaneously from right and left side (using one edge would bend the bezel irreversibly).

6. Also, make sure that you clean the tape and gunk before putting the new screen in place.

Parts that I needed:

1. Gloves to make sure that I don't leave any marks on the screen diffusers.

2. Silicon roller to pick up dust from diffusers (from ebay).

3. LCD screen from ali express.

4. Replacement diffusers from another screen (if you have them then you don't need them).

5. Double sided 3M tape .

I will never do one replacement like this again. It seems you can find people doing it professionally for $230; check the internet; this way if there are imperfectinos you have someone to work with.