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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Steve ,


Hi All,

I also had this same issue after replacing the Digitiser from an ebay replacement.

I am very pleased however to have resolved :-)

Initially i checked all contacts of ribbons I had removed as part of the process but all appeared to be ok.

The answer to resolving this was the ribbon cable attached to the new digitiser. There are white dashes on the board it self so when fitting the ribbon cable from the digitiser back into its housing ensure that you line up the white line on the ribbon exactly the the dashes on the board itself. Mine was off alignment and I was just getting the boot up the black screen saving Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

I have since tested again by mis-alligning and i get the stuck at boot again.

When I then lined up again. HEY PRESTO. Please try it definately works

Thanks all.