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iPhone 5 won't boot after disassembly, is my iPhone a paperweight now?


So here's the pre-story: my mom's iPhone 5 has been having problems with the sleep/power button. It wouldn't work at all. So, figuring there might be dirt, etc. causing the problem, I pulled it apart following a guide.

I cleaned everything out, made sure I was being very careful, using all the proper tools (utilizing my brand new iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit), etc. I got everything back together, then powered the iPhone on.

The good news: the power button worked!

The (very) bad news: about 5 seconds into the boot process (showing the Apple logo), the screen dims and some text appears, as if it were booting in verbose mode. Here's the text:

`` [NAND] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout:601 physical nand block offset 1``

``[NAND] start:356 this 0xa3148400 PROVIDER=0xa16f5e80 flashMedia=0xa16f5e80``

``[NAND] WMR_Start:149 Apple PPN NAND Driver, Read/Write``

``[NAND] WMR_Start:174 FIL_Init [OK]``

``[NAND] WMR_Open:371 VFL_Open [OK]``

``[NAND] s_cxt_boot:88 sftl: error, unclean shutdown; adopted 697 spans``

``[NAND] WMR_Open:420 FTL_Open [OK]``

``[NAND] _publishServices:642 FTL capabilities: 0x0000001``

``[NAND] _ppnvflGetStruct:3469 Checking borrowed blocks - count: 23 max_count: 23``

``[NAND] _fetchBorrowedList:881 number of borrowed blocks 16 ``

Please help! I really hope this is fixable. From my (minimally educated) look at what I wrote above, it seems like the problem is either the unclean shutdown or physical memory. *panicking* Thank you in advance for your help!!!


iPhone 5