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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Craig Peterson ,


We are speaking of a Iphone 4s. GSM or CDMA they were all made exactly the same, All components and stickers match. There is no LQDM damage dot on any screw in the 4S Model of the Iphone. Only phone with a LQDM dot on the screw was the Iphone 4 ATT GSM. The tape under the rear camera will peal of easily so you can place it back on. I have repaired countless iphone 4s's and that sticker is no void indicator. They are not placed on exactly the same way on each matching device. Your warranty void would be the breaking of the seal of the back cover. That's all it would take. Pentalobe screws are placed in at a specific torque in specific ways. If you sent a phone back to apple if you open the back cover and put it back on they would be able to tell. As far as going to your local Phone shop with a phone under warranty after you dabbled around on the inside for a bit, as long as the liquid damage triggers are not red in the headset jack and or the System connector plug in, you would be fine.