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Its my understanding that Microsoft is right there with HP in relegating the 855C to the scrap heap. I have looked for a driver there and of the thousands there are the 855C  is missing.

Thanks for the explanation of buffer pages. The odd thing about the print job is that it prints the error page first and then prints the job as if everything is OK. How complicated is it to write or modify an expired driver for a printer. What language is it written in? Seems like you could just insert a line of code in the driver to disregard the error message and move on. Any geniuses out there want to chime in?

Seems as though there would be a niche for third party's to come up with patches like that to keep using older equipment once the equipment has been abandoned by the patent / copy write owners. Along those lines where would one go to learn to modify existing drivers for older equipment? I've been modifying mechanical mechanisms for years. I've also written computer code in the olden days which worked. I'm willing to read up on new languages if I knew where to start.

Since the third world is getting a lot of older but serviceable used equipment from us, it would seem only fair to teach ourselves how to modify drivers to continue being useful. That's the leverage that the manufacturers have over us is that even if their gadgets still function as designed they are not making the software forward compatible let alone reverse compatible.