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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Sophia ,


Actually, I did remove it , but the most difficult for me was to find the most suitable replacement parts because there still no in market and to keep the phone water resistant still. So I only can share you it's possible but not deprecated.

That's what i did to an original S5 midframe replacement:

1. The camera lens cover/ring can pry from that corner with much effort.


2. Remove the camera lens cover, a lot adhesive can be seen here. The inner edges are glued black adhesive to seal the edges of camera lens, the outer edges are glued with crystal adhesive to seal the cover edges. That two kinds of adhesive sticker are the waterproof adhesive for S5.


3. Now we can see the camera lens. And use the tweezers to insert into the edges of camera lens and cut the adhesive under the camera lens, and can remove the camera lens.


4. Have a look at the removed camera lens. It's really weak. The lacquer along the edges have been scratched.



5. Sorry i removed the black adhesive felt pad (i don't know how to name it), but you can still see a little there. Maybe you can imagine what is full of the black adhesive except the center.


Samsung really do a lot for achieving water resistant which proved by replacing a broken camera lens. Fixing is really not easy, and a lot original adhesive are needed.

At least for now, it's not wise to repair it yourself. So good luck to you!