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Why is my well kept N64 system starting to shut off?


Hello all!

One of my most prized possessions started acting up this week. My nintendo 64 has started to shut off on its own not long after I start playing games. I have removed a few  of the possible problems with a few different tests. It is not a TV issue as this problem happened on 2 different tvs. I do not use an adapter to switch between several A/V devices. I am plugged right into the TV.

It is not a specific game as this happens with all games. I gave my system the basic cleaning with compressed air which helped nothing. Here is where things get interesting. When the system "shuts off" I lose all sound and the picture. The red light DOES NOT turn off. This led me to believe it was an audio video cable problem. I noticed for the first time today though that after waiting a bit, the game will sometimes come back on and shut off again.

The red light always stays on. The game itself starts form the beginning again every time the picture goes away which means its not just the signal to the TV I am losing, but the system itself is restarting every time. My next plan is to track down another power cable and see if it helps. I haven't found anyone who has one yet though.  I might end up buying one. If this doesn't work though I will be completely stumped.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Nintendo 64