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Here's the deal.  That board is never going to work again unless you do some microsoldering to remove oxidation, reflow corroded solder joints, and replace damaged components.  Hopefully you won't also need to do hours of troubleshooting to then figure out which bga chips have been damaged by the short circuit heat from someone leaving it on a charger for days while they crossed their fingers.

There is no need to spend any time at all worrying about ultrasonic cleaning.  At the end of the day, no amount of cleaning is going to be able to restore damaged components and re-connect broken electrical lines.   All this talk around the internet of various chemicals and techniques for cleaning water damaged boards is only useful to a point---if your board  has old water damage, and is "very badly corroded" in multiple sections of the board then (in my experience) it has a less than 10% chance of restoration through the use of chemicals/brushing alone not matter what magic solution is used.    It has a 90% chance of wasting an extraordinary amount of time that you could be using to repair a board that does have a chance of recovery.

But yes, you can for sure pop it in an ultrasonic cleaner and not damage it.   But of course it won't save it either.

Thanks for your post, though, I really like my harsh little rant and I think I'm going to copy it to paste again in the future ;)