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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Caleb Kelsay ,


Hi there,

Due to the recent release date of the HTC One Mini 2 I too was unable to find specifically the LCD replacement panel, however I was able to find a few parts that may be of interest.

If you didn't actually break the LCD panel, but just the front glass panel (called the digitizer) and can see the screen through cracks, then I found a replacement part.

Otherwise I was able to find a supplier in the United Kingdom on Ebay that sells a variety of parts for the phone. The parts may not always be available, but are as of today (26 Oct 2014). As time goes on, more replacement parts will become available and you should be able to easily search for them.

Store Page: http://goo.gl/lygAXU

Specific Parts,

Digitizer (Front Glass): http://goo.gl/dHr0rf (From China)

White LCD Panel Frame: https://goo.gl/pxV6ke

Black LCD Panel Frame: https://goo.gl/BFWOfM