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Anyone suggesting rice, just so you know rice does not do much at all.  It will not save your water damaged phone.  You should follow the instructions '''oldturkey03''' posted here if you want to actually get it repaired correctly.  If anything, the rice will just leave starch behind with the rest of the minerals left from the water that will start to corrode the metal pieces in your phone.  Just more of a mess to clean up so forget the rice.  Get it torn apart and remove the battery and clean the phones parts with the Isopropyl Alcohol.  Otherwise corrosion will slowly cause the components in your phone to fail.  I have repaired a water damaged HTC One m8 that the person tried putting in rice for a week.  When I disassembled the phone there was a descent amount of corrosion around the battery, the back side of the LCD, the LCD's ribbon cable, and vibrator motor just to name a few.  which I cleaned with 99% Isopropyl alcohol.  The battery was ruined and would not hold a charge of more than 2.8 volts which is not even close to the required voltage to even power on the phone.  The LCD was ruin by the corrosion as well.  I could tell she let this phone sit for a while(she said a few months) before bringing it in to be repaired.  She also had an iPhone 6, so she wasn't worried about the htc getting repaired right away.  A good cleaning with the Isopropyl Alcohol and a new battery and LCD/Digitizer got her htc one m8 up and running again and so far has not had any issues since the repair(about 3 months ago).  So if you have water damage its best to cook the rice for dinner after you clean your phone with Isopropyl alcohol.