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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: NirSharma ,


Where shall I find the replacement screen for my broken Samsung E7?


Well, it turns out that Samsung isn't responsibly handling services for the Galaxy E7. The phone launched way back in January and still customers around my region have had to wait for days to get replacement parts in Nepal & India. I, for one, broke my lcd outer screen and then sent it to the official Samsung service center. They kept the phone for weeks and suggested me to repair the entire LCD display (which obviously wasn't needed at all as my LCD is fine and only the glass is broken). Even then, these people could get me a replacement part and instead told me to contact them after some days. I contacted them after a full month and still the parts aren't here.

While the phone is awesome, I really want to fix the glass soon and if someone from ifixit can supply me a screen I would be very glad. I have the means to pay internationally as well and so if someone has it, just let me know.


Samsung Galaxy E7