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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Arthur ,


You must buy a digitizer and LCD screen assembly. You cannot remove the digitizer separately so you must buy the whole assembly even if the LCD screen it self isn't broken. The cost around $60. Once you have the replacement, TURN THE PHONE OFF. remove the backing that just snaps on/off (in my case the snap backing was red). Then with a small screw driver carefully remove the screws holding on the black plastic backing underneath the red snap backing. Once the screws are removed and put where they will not get lost, take the black backing off ( once the screws are removed it will snap on/off). CAREFULLY REMOVE ALL CIRCUITRY. Try not to directly touch the circuits as static electricity could short them. the next part is alittle messy and grizzly. They mount the screen/digitizer with very sticky adhesive and the only way I could get the old assembly off was by chipping some of the glass on the corner and prying a screw driver underneath until the digitizer and LCD came off. BE VERY CAREFUL. route the ribbon cables through the slots. Glue the digitizer to the phone( don't use super glue) if it is hooked up correctly and nothing is broken it will be good as new