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I was not aware of the OLED issue. Mine is also dead. I spoke with them last night 5/28/15 and here is what they sent me.

Stinks that they want $50 and the old pen, but here it is.


According to our records your smartpen warranty has expired, but we do have a refurbished 2GB Echo you can purchase at a discount.

Below is a link you can use to start the process for replacing your smartpen.  The replacement cost will be $49.95 per smartpen plus tax (if applicable):

IMPORTANT: When ordering this item, please do not add other items to your cart. Due to operational limitations, we will need to cancel your order if anything but a refurbished Echo smartpen is added to your cart.

Link to Online Store - 2GB Echo smartpen - Out-of-Warranty Replacement

After you process your transaction, in order to receive your replacement, you will need to:

Send your current smartpen(s) to us within 5 business days after you place your order. If we do not receive your defective smartpen within 10 business days, your order may not get processed and will have to be canceled.