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Firstly grab a new screen assembly replacement, the one that has the yellow frame included. Up till recently they were going for as little as $30 on eBay from overseas sellers, but they've now caught on to demand for them and tripled their prices, luckily i grabbed a few units before that happened.

Anyhow you will need to undo all the screws with the correct screw driver (its not phillips). Carefully remove the back cover from the main frame, do be gentle and patient, there is some adhesive top left where the speaker grill is so it might pay to heat up that area before lifting it up. Once the back cover is off there are screws securing the main board to the frame, they are in the top left corner where the speaker is, and the bottom theres another couple of screws. Undo all of those screws.  Also dont lose the various buttons and port covers when you pull it apart. (using some blutak when assembling helps keep them in place)

Disconnect the flex at the top which i think is for the digitizer.  Now this is the tricky part, the mainboard is stuck down with some adhesive, so if you're not careful you will damage it. I usually heat up the front of the screen in the bottom half to loosen it up a bit. And then carefully pry up the mother board from the left side (face down), once i can lift it up enough i fit a spudger in the gap to disperse the adhesive.. Again be careful and patient, there is still a LCD ribbon cable connected to the mainboard and you dont want to wreck its connector.

Once lifted up disconnect the LCD ribbon and you can now separate the mainboard. Then attach mainboard onto new assembly and basically do a reverse of what you did to undo it. Of course always test it out before you put it back together.

I was going to do a youtube video on the last one i repaired and totally forgot, will remember for next time!.. Hope this helps.