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Most of the virus tends to infect your system and files way before you release that you have a virus problem. In this case, a clean reinstall is recommended and some further actions to prevent infection in future as well. Here are the steps to follow:

# Move all of your important data from C Drive to another drive. Your date in C Drive also includes Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos & Downloads folders if you haven’t changed their location.
# Re-install your Operating System and Drivers. Download and install any antivirus of your choice. I would Recommend [http://goo.gl/UsFIKu|Panda Antivirus]. At this point try not to open drive other than C drive or your newly install system could get infected again by your data.
# Scan you whole system for viruses and malware and purge all viruses you found including the files that are up repairable by antivirus application.
# Download and install [http://goo.gl/6S5F87|Panda USB Vaccine] to prevent virus transfer from all sorts of removable media.

That’s it. Now your system is cleaned from virus and also protected from online and offline threats as well.