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Gets very hot, front camera/earpiece not working after new screen


I replaced my phone screen myself a few days ago, I used to work in a phone repair store so I'm fairly confident in my abilities, everything went fine but not the front facing camera shows a blur and freezes the camera app, the ear piece isn't working (speaker phone and headphones are fine) and most annoying of all the phone gets incredibly hot. I am almost certain it is not the battery, the heat isn't even coming from near the battery, though battery life has gotten noticeably worse. There are no visibly burnt parts and I have read that replacing the front facing camera flex cable might fix the issue, anyone has any experience with this problem? It is very frustrating to have fixed the phone only to run into even more problems. I am thinking of just taking it to apple and saying its overheating however I'm sure the will check the ear piece and camera and notice the screen was replaced and I figure saying I bought it offline and trying for sympathy points won't work as I'm sure there is some way to see I am the first and only owner. Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post.


iPhone 6 Plus