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IPad Air dead - no signs of life at all



I am attempting to repair and iPad air 1474. It does not charge and the docking port looks ok upon visual inspection with a magnifying glass.

I have tried every known combination of reset and recovery mode.

It does not get recognised by a computer or with iTunes running.

After trying everything, I assessed that the fault is hardware based. I removed the glass digitiser screen as that is obviously the only way to access the internal components.

I am a PC repair engineer in case I sound like I don't know what I am doing and I have repaired several iPads before.

It belongs to a School so I suspect that the fault was caused by misuse. The information I have is that it worked fine one day and would not turn on the next day..

A damaged charging port sound like the first choice but as I said, it looks OK. I have seen two types of accidental; damage to a lightning port. One is that the port gets badly bent and reinsertion of a connector bayonet is not possible or the contact pins get pushed back too far and the pins can no longer align with the cable's bayonet.

Next possible conclusion would be a faulty battery.

Having found out the hard way by taking on an iPad mini 2 with a badly bent docking port and discovering the connection to the logic board is soldered, this rules out fitting an inexpensive charging port to see if it fixes the fault.

So I am not sure where to go from here. I am not sure how I can test the docking port or how to test the battery.?

I have a multimeter and a windows laptop and a macbook pro. All my diagnostic software is for computers.

Thanks in advance for suggestions and or instructions and tips.



iPad Air