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What actually happens throughout the series dv2xxx is a design problem Heatsink also micro chip dissipates video. But the problem is that there is no good contact between the video chip and the heatsink that is fixed from factory with a silicone pad .... BUT this is degraded over time fail to make good contact and burns .... Is it really a design flaw or an elaborate system of self-destruction of the laptop after two to three years?? ... hummm ... good the case is that it has a solution you should apply on the face of all micro-dissipation fan included - in the place where he would contact the chip a bit of thermal paste adhesive, set here a copper or aluminum plate 2x2 cm a expesor of + / - 2-4 mm. then put a little paste on the chip dissipating video and reattaching the entire set of dissipation ... so I been running in 2832, about 4 years after the death of the previous plate ...

I hope someone will serve my experience ... include the pseudo-engineers hp ... (Or maybe not,,, if not the next time will be more difficult to solve,-D)