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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Zac Tynes ,


I have a set of Beats by Dre headphones that have worked very well since they were purchased.  Today, I have been listening to my music while I work and decided to update my phone to the most recent IOS (v. 9.1).  As soon as the update was finished and after exploring what the new IOS has to offer, I re-inserted my headphones to start listening to music once again and am now experiencing the exact same problem that you have mentioned.  Prior to updating = no problems.  IOS 9.1 = no more control from my headphones.  Just like you said; sound still works perfectly but the microphone, volume control and song selector buttons no longer function.  I just used my headphones on a co-workers iPhone with IOS 7 and they function perfectly.  This is obviously a problem with the latest IOS release from Apple.  I know for sure my phone is in perfect condition and now can forsurely say that my headphones are not the problem.  Really only leaves one possible reason....

Very annoying to say the least.  Apple should be looking into this to figure out a solution.  I miss Steve Jobs.