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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: mothermah ,


Motorola Moto E.  No sound from the loudspeaker, no ringing, alarm or media.  Tried many software fixes with no result.  Decided to try the hardware approach.  Power the phone down and remove the outer back cover.  Remove the 14 T5 screws then remove the back of the phone, disconnected the battery. The speaker connects to the main-board via contact pads and a pair of spring contacts which are mounted on the back of the phone.  The speaker is attached to the main-board with adhesive and in my case the speaker had either been installed misaligned or it had shifted over time.  The result was that the speaker pads and springs were no longer making contact.  Simply lift the speaker, align the two pairs of contact pads and press the speaker back onto the main-board.  Then reassemble the phone and all is well again.  There are YouTube videos on how to disassemble/reassemble the Moto E.  (MotherM)