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No SIM card available


Hi guys, So I have this utter crap Samsung Galaxy S4. I put in my EE sim card and it said Not Recognised. It is not bloody locked. I brought a couple of 1p SIM cards(different networks) on Amazon and inserted them in to the useless thing and it still said Not Recognized. I tried making calls. It said Emergency calls only. So my friend came over. I put my SIM into my friend's iPhone 4S which he says 'is reliable and solid' and it said EE/T-Mobile 3G on the top. What should I do? That useless waste of space cost me £246. If your helpful comments doesn't work guys. I'm going bloody waste £20 down the mobile repairs shop. Thank you very much for your time trying to fix a good-for-nothing, useless crap Nokia Brick


Samsung Galaxy S4