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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Allan Quinnell ,


I have an Epson SX435W that came up with a warning on the printer screen. W02 warning paper jam.  There was no paper jammed, no miss feeds the paper feed path through the machine was clear.  I solved the problem by going to the maintenance menu and selecting change cartridges. select this option, lift the scanner lid to show the cartridges, the machine will then take the cartridges to the area on the right of the machine where you can remove them. Remove the cartridges and put them to one side.  Turn off the power, remove the mains plug. then leave the machine lid open and let it remain unpowered for AT LEAST one hour.  During this time I flushed the printer heads through using a kit called Pristine Cleaning Fluid from Amazon at £6.99.  I actually let it stand for over an hour.   After head flushing make sure you push the cartridge carrier back to exactly the same position on the right hand side of the machine.  Of course you can skip this step altogether.  Plug the machine back into the mains, switch on then the menu will tell you to install the new cartridges go through installation procedure in the normal way and hey presto my machine was back as before no paper jam warning and I printed off thirty pages just to be sure.  One final point after installing the cartridges the menu will show charging the system. Lots of whirring and buzzing it seemed to take quite a while so be patient.  Good Luck  Allan Q