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@lebane I'd definitely use a multimeter and check for continuity. If the fuse is truly blown, replace it with a proper one. Since your image comes from the service manual, I assume that you have that. Then you know that the fuse is Sony part number 1265-7224 which is a .25A 1X0.5mm fuse. There is a reason it is fused and the last thing you want to do, is cause a bigger short circuit. If you must apply a jumper to test it, just solder a piece of wire across the top of the fuse. You can buy the fuse at places [https://www.gultek.eu/Genuine-Sony-Xperia-Z3-Tablet-Compact-SGP611-SGP612-SGP621-Fuse-0.25A-1.0-0.5mm-Sony-part-no-1265-7224.html|like this] as well as [http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/AVX/F0402E0R25FSTR/?qs=%2fha2pyFadug%252bmSj43TaluT8w5MiOwLfwg9BGBcL44WI%3d|on here]