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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Tony ,


Epson WF-2540: paper jam, squealing noise on power up.

I tried cycling the printer off/on; gently inverting the printer; cleaning the printer rail (there wasn't any sign of residue); blowing compressed air around; removing the ink cartridges; all to no avail.

HOWEVER, I noticed that the approx 10" x 1-1/2" clear plastic paper dust-cover thingy that normally has integrated pivot pins on either end,  was missing one of the pins - someone (I have 4 kids) had broken it.

I removed the paper and peered down the slot with a flashlight, and lo and behold, I thought I saw a tiny piece of plastic wedged in the paper intake rollers. My son held the printer upside down while I poked up into the paper slot with a long skinny knife to dislodge what turned out to indeed be the broken off plastic pin.

The printer works fine now :-D