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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Greg Bushta ,


Xpider, Thank you for asking this question.  Mark Chaplin, and everyone else who mentioned the digitizer as not being entirely compatible, thank you, too.

My niece dropped her phone that was not this exact model.  The LCD got messed up but the glass didn't crack.  I bought a kit off of eBay and it wouldn't work.  The screen would display the Samsung splash screen and then go into a grey striped mess.  I took the phone apart a dozen or more times and double checked the connections.  (I cracked the new glass in the process by not being careful.)  I even tried to restore the phone's OS.  Nothing worked.

Because of this question, and especially the answers, I took the new glass screen off, which I had cracked during my repeated teardowns.  I put the old original grey glass (digitizer) back onto the phone and mostly put it back together.  It works just fine.  I didn't replace all of the screws because now I have to take it apart again to clean the inside of the digitizer and the LCD.  I didn't clean them all up because I wasn't sure this was going to work any way.

When the repair doesn't work double check the model of the digitizer. - Greg