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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Jonathan ,


Purhcase a new 72 pin connector!!!  You can go on EBAY and purchase one for 7.49, free shipping. I just purchased one last week and replaced one in my old nintendo that would not work at all...now it works perfect. Yes, they can be too tight, but you can take an older game or any game and spray a little bit of wd40 to loosen up the connector until it is good to go. Another great investment are the game screw tools that you can buy on ebay...i think 6 bucks for 2 sizes. Instead of using alcohol, use an ERASER. This works AMAZING. Hope this helped.

My NES went from blinking $^^! to working like a champ.  Email me at jomoody09@hotmail.com for any questions on installation or repairs.