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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: dries ,


Hi, I'm a refurbisher. I have done several ipad air 2 glass replacements. It is possible but if you never have done it, it is not recommanded. Ipad air 1 and air 2 do not have compatible lcds. You cannot buy ipad air 2 lcd only without glass

I did do a repair once removing the glass cleaning the lcd and reinstalling the new glass without oca. You need some soldering, and some knowhow. Also, take into account that the space between lcd and glass need to been big enough not to have the rainbow effect (glass touching the lcd when pressed on).  Ghost typing can be a problem as well if not done correctly.

It is better to use OCA (forget about LOCA), for best results but you need expensive machines to install that can handle the big 10-11 inch screen. Forget about oca if you do not have the right equipment.

Conclusion: if you never have done glass only repair on air 2 do not do it. A new once is expensive i know.  :s

If you can get the old lcd+glass off from your device without cracking the lcd I happy to buy it from you.

Best regards Dries