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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: paul ,


Hi there .I had the same problem trying to get a part for my big jambox even phoned jawbone customer services they couldn't help .They said in Northern Ireland they don't have parts stocked .I don't know about other parts of the uk.Even looked on the jawbone website with no success.Your best bet is to buy the full unit and take the part you need of the unit .You can buy on ebay big jambox faulty normaly with a bluetooth problem.Its a bit hit and miss what price you will pay for one sentence they are up for auctioned  starting price at 0.99p . For example I bought the full unit for  £12.00. And an hour later on a other auction I bid on one and it sold for £30.00.But I'm pretty sure the part your looking for will cost a lot more than that.If you can find a part  somewhere else.I Hope this is some help to you.