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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Matthew Bessette ,


One problem is it could be a setting in your options.  I do not know what it looks like so I cannot give a definite answer.  But with the knowledge I have about this camera I can make an educated guess that it is an internal error.  if you look at our replacement guides you can see how to take apart the camera.  There are two possible issues.  One is your screen is bad (we show how to replace that) second is you may have an issue with your lens.  If you inside the casing you see a circuit board (that big green thing with all the strange technology on it) behind that is a black box (yes you will have to take the circuit board out.  There should be three to four screws, be careful not to touch the top and bottom of the board, only the sides).  This box is how the magnification works.  There are lenses that slide back and forth depending on the desired zoom.  This device could be bad or there may be dirt on the lenses.  You should be able to wipe these clean.  Hope this helps!