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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Albert 101 ,


Yes help me my tablet stop touching on one if you know that this is a problem please find out a way to make it stop because I need help other people have the same problem and we need to find out what is wrong because we spend our hard-earned money on these devices so please RCA helper and I will bring it up to where I got it because these things doesn't work I mean you had a newer version I mean when I had it it started working it was working fine but then a couple of months past is just acting like he's stupid crazy going slow like these devices are supposed to last these devices are cheap was not cheap but we need help because the way I see it here you only made to last for a short time period of time so please help us thank you and if I don't have any help by this time next week next two months I will come up to the building and I will sue because this is outrageous okay thank you for your time.