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Keyboard works after spill, but types different?


Okay so a few months ago I was folding laundry when I heard a huge thud from my room, I come to check it out and my poor cat knocked a tin of turpentine off my shelf and onto my desk, it splattered everywhere and fortunately that wasn't the cause of the issue, it was me cleaning the laptop and accidentally sprayed directly on the keyboard and all that jazz, noticed that the foam seeped in.

Immediately I turned it off and flipped it over, and let the poor thing drain for a week and a half before i thought about turning it on, but for some reason, the keyboard works... but it does this:

'''When I press the W key:'''


'''When I press the caps lock key:'''


'''Here is me pressing each key from left to right:'''




Here is when I press 1-10:'''


Sometimes when I press a key it uses another key, like if I press 7 it thinks I'm pressing F7, or if I press 2 it thinks I'm using the command ctrl+F

Basically, I want to know if this can be fixed or I need to consider a replacement keyboard. This has gone on for a couple months now, but I hate having to use an external USB keyboard :/


Dell XPS 17 L702X